Board Meeting 21 September 2021

Consent Items

Minutes of the Last Meeting

Held 17 August, 2021

Submitted by Dan Gower, Board Secretary

The meeting was called to order at 6:30pm by Don Black. Members of the Board in attendance were Don Black, Dan Gower, Lou Henson, Mike Crabill, Bill Long and Brooks Frederick. Charlotte Hays and Nancy Daniels were present from the Auxiliary Committee.

The consent items were presented. Minutes of the July meeting should be updated to include approval of the purchase of the combi-tool extrication equipment via a “call-around” vote. The vote was unanimous in favor of purchasing the product selected.

Dan Gower updated the Board on the approval of the SCBA FEMA AFG Grant and the actions on going to purchase the new units. Discussion was held on the updating of the cascade system, and it was decided to bring the full package to the board at a later date (package would include the SCBA units and modifications to be made to the cascade system to accommodate the higher-pressure bottles.)

Consent items were approved for inclusion in the records pending the update of the treasurer’s report that was cropped when posted.

Old Business

The first item of old business the appointment of Dan Gower as Fire Chief from the current position of Acting Fire Chief was approved unanimously.

The extrication tools purchase was discussed, and it was decided to ask MES to produce a “train the trainer” document so that in house training could be accomplished for those who will actually use the tools in the event of an entrapment event.

New Business

For New Business the re-appointment of officers because of Dan Gower moving to Vice President of the Board because of becoming the Fire Chief was discussed. Dan agreed to continue for the time being to record minutes. Discussion on appointment of a secretary was tabled.

The auxiliary committee members present at the meeting presented COVID mitigation strategies in place for the 4 September Sip and Stroll fund raiser. There being no questions the board thanked them for their work and fund-raising efforts. Discussion was held concerning department support for moving table and chairs as well as parking during the event.

Don Black submitted the Mission, Vision, and Values statements that were produced by a committee of department members. The guiding statements were approved unanimously for publication to the department.

At the suggestion of Bill Long discussion was held concerning the purchase of a washer and dryer for placing at Station Two for use of fire fighters to wash their wildland gear after a fire event. The purchase of a large capacity washer and dryer at a NTE cost of $2500 was approved unanimously and Bill Long authorized to execute the purchase and installation.

Motion to adjourn was made, seconded, and passed at 19:35.

Treasurer’s Report

Submitted by Lou Henson, Board Treasurer


Calendar year thru 12 August

Cash Flow

For the period 1 August, 2021 through 31 August, 2021


Through 31 August, 2021

Chief’s Report

Submitted by Dan Gower, Acting Chief

Calls to Date

  • Medical: 120
  • Fire: 21

Other Activity

  • A working group was formed to discuss improvements to the training program. The first meeting was last Thursday, 16 September.
  • Frank Serpas agreed to take charge of the Wildland-Urban Interface public education effort. Information was distributed at the Sip & Stroll. A website and rack cards are under development.

Auxiliary Report

Submitted by Charlotte Hays

  • Sip & Stroll was very successful.
  • Bass Tournament is progressing well.
  • Discussion of the Christmas party.

Grant Report

Submitted by Bill Daly

FEMA (AFG) Operations and Safety Grants

  • The $3,000 training award from the County Communications Equipment grant was accepted and is to be distributed among all of the departments in the county. There is still a possibility that the radios may be funded by the end of September.

Texas A&M Forest Service

  • The next funding meeting for the Texas A&M Forest Service Grants is tentatively scheduled for October 13, 2021. We have two applications submitted, the Large Brush Truck and Personal Protective Equipment.

Old Business

Request for Status

  • Parts and training for extrication tool.
  • SCBA alternatives and demos.
  • Washer and dryer for gear.

New Business

SCBA HP Air Storage and Fill System

Submitted by Don Black

After reviewing current best practices and submittals from a number of vendors, these are my current recommendations and options. Nuvair provided the recently installed manifold system, and is a competitive, high-quality vendor. The descriptions and options include:

  • Four all new 6,000 PSI ISO/DOT rated 10-year hydro tanks.
  • Tanks configured as a single bank of four with all new hard or soft line plumbing and valves.
  • Full leak test and certification.
  • Choice of storage rack systems:
    • Short rack (NUVTR-S4) has tank bands and lower forklift slots.
    • Full rack (NUVTR-4) is fully enclosed, with top and bottom forklift slots, lifting eyes, and frame-mounted valves.
  • NCC-2 fragmentation cabinet shipping included if purchased together.
    • NFPA, NIOSH, and OSHA approved.


NUVTR-S4-6000 Short Rack system, Complete$7,837
NUVTR-S4-6000 Full Rack system, Complete$9,078
NCC-2 4,500 PSI Fragmentation Cabinet$5,000


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