Board Meeting – 20 April 2021

To be held at Station One at 18:30 PM

Consent Items

Minutes of the Last Meeting

Held 16 March, 2021

Submitted by Dan Gower, Board Secretary

The meeting was called to order at 1830 by Don Black. Members of the Board in attendance were Don Black, Brooks Frederick, Dan Gower, Lou Henson, Mike Crabill, Scott Olguin and Bill Long. Charlotte Hayes, Nancy Daniel, and Sue (uncertain of her name). Bud and Donna Goodwin were also in attendance.

The consent items were presented. Discussion was held concerning the website and the posting of policy and guidelines and documents in support of the consent items as read-aheads and historical documents. The consent items were approved unanimously.

Old Business

The BBQ committee presented the results of its last meeting and plans for the Memorial Day Weekend BBQ along with decision points and criteria under consideration for continuing or cancelling plans for the event. Dan Gower presented a motion to request Board approval for holding the event as planned with the COVID-19 precautions presented. Motion was passed unanimously.

New Business

The Board calendar was discussed. Added 31 March as date for financial audit to be accomplished. Discussion held regarding the fund-raising letter and ballots for the Board of Directors. Dan Gower made a motion to cancel sending the ballots out because those Board members who were up for re-election were running unopposed. Motion passed unanimously.

Guidelines for and scheduling of upcoming events were discussed. The next event is the Sip and Stroll and that committee’s plan and risk mitigation strategy is to be presented at the April Board meeting. Dan Gower agreed to assist that committee in preparing a risk mitigation strategy.

Chief Frederick presented Trudy Woolverton and Chrystal Sanders for membership in the VFD. They were approved unanimously.

Discussion held regarding a donation through Charles Schwab asking for 501c(3) designation. The department is 501c(4). No decision made pending letter back from Charles Schwab.

Motion to adjourn was made, seconded, and passed at 1940.

Treasurer’s Report

Submitted by Lou Henson, Board Treasurer


  • Financials records have been submitted to the Shirley Muery for review.
  • Quarterly sales taxes are due 4/20/2021.


Calendar year thru 6 April

Cash Flow

For the period 1 February, 2021 through 31 March, 2021


Through 31 March, 2021

Chief’s Report

Submitted by Brooks Frederick, Chief and Board Vice President

Calls to Date

  • Medical: 49
  • Fire: 8

Assistant Chief

  • Applications being coordinated to join Careflite for Responders and Auxiliary members.


  • All paperwork for FRO recertification under new protocols established by Hamilton has been signed and filed with Texas DPS .
  • Candice is coordinating new FRO directives with Hamilton. Changes will affect most aspects of how our FRO operates. Specifics TBA later.


  • All handheld radios were taken out of the response vehicles at Station One and placed in a gang charger near the dispatch office. Responders will take necessary radios from the charger prior to responding.


  • Gower is attending the SFFMA Fire Chief Development Program.
  • No other outside agency schools planned at this time.

Gear and Supplies

  • Ordered, received, and distributed hoods and wildland helmets to specific responders.
  • Waiting on clothing grant before moving forward on PPE/clothing purchases.


  • Waiting on pump from Aqualine; cost will be covered by TFS Winter Storm Emergency Grant.
  • Parts ordered to add additional fill whips and low pressure shop air output to breathing air cascade system.

Auxiliary Report

Submitted by Charlotte Hays

We are in the process of asking for a volunteer to fill the position of 1st Vice Chair since Syb Henson needed to resign. Until we find a volunteer, Laurie Anderson is filling the position.

We have cancelled our May Auxiliary meeting/luncheon. We are planning to go forward with a June 7th meeting/luncheon, probably at the park to minimize risks. We will have boxed lunches, masks and distancing.

Our fundraisers are on the calendar as follows and we will be submitting risk mitigations and advertising at the VFD Board meeting.

  • BBQ, May 29th – Charlotte Hays is in the process of getting Auxiliary volunteers. Marna Glaze and Sue Jackson have requested having a “Missing Man” table.
  • BBQ Bake Sale – Charlotte Hays will chair
  • BBQ raffle is cancelled
  • Sip & Stroll September 4 – Nancy Daniel & Sue Peace Co-Chairs
  • Bass Tournament Oct. 16 – Melodie Bradbury & Scott Olguin Co-Chairs. Melodie has a commitment from Robert Rose to furnish a scale and do the weigh-in. We are planning a silent auction.

We have taken the requirement of dues out of our Auxiliary Policy. We will request an annual Utility fee to cover expenses (rental, supplies, etc.) This will not be stated in the Policy since it is a request.

Grant Report

Submitted by Bill Daly

Texas A&M Forest Service

  • A funding meeting is scheduled for April 21, 2021.
  • Status of TFS applications for Large Brush Truck and PPE remain unchanged from previous reports.
  • FEMA applications for radios and SCBA remain unchanged from previous reports.

Old Business

Vote to Approve the Sip and Stroll Fundraiser

The following COVID-19 mitigation steps were recommended by the committee:

  • Masks to be worn by attendees and vendors.
  • Hand Sanitizer in place.
  • Socially distanced markers on the inside and outside areas.
  • A limit in attendance allowed in event area monitored by a committee member with a ticker to count as attendees arrive and exit. This will comply by total number allowed in building and percentage recommended safe to be in building.

Director Gower verified insurance coverage for the event at an approved off-site location, and reviewed and approved the parking plan.

Board Member Eligibility

The Board voted in January to research existing eligibility requirements for Directors. It has been found that the current revision of the VFD bylaws only makes indirect reference to candidates being from among the membership and property owners in the Sunrise Beach area. This needs to be clarified further as part of a re-write of the bylaws.

Special Donation Status

A potential donor was asking for our 501c(3) designation, but the VFD is a 501c(4) Corporation.

New Business

Vote to Approve the Bass Tournament Fundraiser

The following COVID-19 mitigation steps were recommended by the committee:

  • This will be a “socially distanced” event.
  • Enforce wearing of masks to all attendees while walking around until occupying boats or seated at tables. Provide masks on site for those that do not bring one with them.
  • All volunteers would be masked.
  • Enforce / encourage social distancing at all times.
  • Provide hand sanitizer at stations.
  • Tables will be 8’ apart.
  • Children attending the Perch Jerk must be monitored by their parent/guardian at all times for safe distancing.

Seat New Board and Appoint Officers


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