Board Meeting – 18 May 2021

To be held at Station One at 18:30 PM


Consent Items

Minutes of the Last Meeting

Held 20 April, 2021

Submitted by Dan Gower, Board Secretary

The meeting was called to order at 6:30pm by Don Black. Members of the Board in attendance were Don Black, Brooks Frederick, Dan Gower, Lou Henson, Scott Olguin and Bill Long.

The consent items were presented. Dan Gower made the motion and Brooks seconded the motion to approve the consent items. The consent items were approved unanimously.

Old Business

The Sip and Stroll fund raising event was discussed along with plans for COVID mitigation. Dan Gower made the motion and Bill Long seconded the motion to approve the Sip and Stroll event as planned and to approve holding the event. Motion was passed unanimously.

Discussion was had concerning Board Membership. As noted in a report of findings regarding eligibility board members can be from members of the department and property owners. Further discussion will be held when a full review of By Laws is conducted.

Discussion held regarding a donation through Charles Schwab asking for 501c(3) designation. The department is 501c(4). The donor made the donation in another manner avoiding the issue with Charles Schwab.

New Business

The Board approved the Bass Tournament as planned.

As required in By Laws, newly elected Board members are seated and elections are held for positions. Don Black as president, Brooks Frederick as VP, Dan Gower as secretary and Lou Henson as Treasurer were nominated to continue holding the positions held previously. Bill Long made the motion and Scott Olguin seconded the motion to elect these officers as shown. Motion passed unanimously.

Motion to adjourn was made, seconded, and passed at 1930.

Treasurer’s Report

Submitted by Lou Henson, Board Treasurer


  • Financials records have been submitted to the Shirley Muery for review.
  • Quarterly sales taxes are paid.
  • Draft for IRS Form 990 prepared to email out this week.


Calendar year thru 11 May

Cash Flow

For the period 1 April, 2021 through 30 April, 2021


Through 30 April, 2021

Chief’s Report

Submitted by Brooks Frederick, Chief and Board Vice President

It looks like our community is getting back to operating pre-COVID. As such, we will be having our first fundraiser of the year with the Memorial Day BBQ. I plan on putting a small group together after the BBQ to determine the fate of “Whiskey”. This will include the feasibility of replacing the vehicle or mounting it on a trailer.

Calls to Date

  • Medical: 58
  • Fire: 9

Assistant Chief

  • Applications to Careflite for Responders and Auxiliary members are complete


  • Candice is coordinating new FRO directives with Hamilton. A representative will meet with our First Responders during the May 25th meeting and begin the certification process to be a First Responder Organization in Llano county. Our current license is good until 09/2021.


  • All handheld radios were taken out of the response vehicles at Station One and placed in a gang charger near the dispatch office. Responders will take necessary radios from the charger prior to responding.


  • No other outside agency schools planned at this time.

Gear and Supplies

  • No report.


  • Waiting on pump from Aqualine; cost will be covered by TFS Winter Storm Emergency Grant.
  • Shop air parts and manifold for additional breathing air whips are in. Jim to fabricate a mounting frame, then we will expand and re-commission the air distribution to the trucks.


  • Whiskey is operational. It is not to be taken off the Beach for safety reasons.

Auxiliary Report

Submitted by Charlotte Hays

Nothing new to report.

Grant Report

Submitted by Bill Daly

Texas A&M Forest Service

  • A funding meeting was held April 21, 2021. Neither of our grants were funded. The next funding meeting in August will not include trucks. The meeting in October 2021 will include truck funding.
  • We are now number 41 on the list for a large brush truck, however, this month (May2021) we will reach the maximum point rating and position. Among those with maximum points, grants will be funded by date application was submitted and we will leapfrog to number 12. Stephanie with TFS says our truck may be funded October 2021. If not it should (she said definitely) will be funded October 2022.
  • PPE grant submitted January 24, 2021. We are number 297 on the list. 110 PPE grants were awarded at the April 2021 meeting. Our rank can change significantly as departments get other grants which exclude them from this grant, do not have Duns numbers (which excludes them from federal moneys in this grant), or let their Duns numbers expire. Ours expires in Dec. 2021. Hopefully, after the August funding meeting we will have a little more insight on the timing. Total Cost $ 39,500, Grant Amount requested $ 15,000 (maximum allowable). Grant can be used for any combination of Wildland & Bunker Gear. Estimate is based on 15 sets of bunker gear and 10 wildland jumpsuits.

FEMA (AFG) Operations & Safety Grants

  • FEMA applications for radios and SCBA remain unchanged from previous reports.


  • We are eligible to submit another grant application in July 2022. A replacement Fireboat has been mentioned and would qualify for this grant. I recommend that a grant project be finalized by April 2022 to allow adequate time to collect estimates and prepare paperwork for submission.

Old Business

There are no items of Old Business.

New Business

Budget Process

Discuss and recommend refinements to the ongoing Budget process:

  • Quarterly review to include expenditure plans for the upcoming quarter.
  • Establish a fundraising budget.