Board Meeting 17 August 2021

Consent Items

Minutes of the Last Meeting

Held 20 July, 2021

Submitted by Dan Gower, Board Secretary

The meeting was called to order at 18:30 by Don Black. Members of the Board in attendance were Don Black, Dan Gower, Lou Henson, Mike Crabill, and Brooks Frederick.

The consent items were presented. Discussion was held briefly to explain the way the treasurer accounts for and categorizes donations made during fund raising events. The consent items were approved unanimously.

Old Business

The only item of old business discussed was the budget process as it applies to fund-raising events. A working group with the Treasurer and Board President will study the issue further and report to the Board their findings/recommendations.

New Business

A motion was made to explore the purchase of a battery powered combination tool (spreader and cutter) to replace the Amcus tools currently in use on Engine One. The Chief’s will explore the products available and their pricing and present their findings to the Board for approval at a future date. The motion was withdrawn to allow the process of exploration to take place and to submit a detailed proposal for approval.

Mark Hansen was submitted for membership by Chief Frederick and he was unanimously approved..

Chief Frederick announced that his two-year promised tenure as Chief was complete and that his other duties were dictating that he needed to step aside as Fire Chief. He indicated he would stay on the Board and remain active in the department. Dan Gower will move up from Assistant Chief to Interim Fire Chief pending a vote by the full board within the next month. Chief Frederick was thanked for his selfless service and leadership during the past two year.

Motion to adjourn was made, seconded, and passed at 19:30.

Treasurer’s Report

Submitted by Lou Henson, Board Treasurer


Calendar year thru 6 April

Cash Flow

For the period 1 July, 2021 through 31 July, 2021


Through 31 July, 2021

Chief’s Report

Submitted by Dan Gower, Acting Chief

Calls to Date

  • Medical: 101
  • Fire: 18

Assistant Chief

  • No report.


  • No report.


  • No report.


  • No report.

Gear and Supplies

  • No report.


  • No report.

Auxiliary Report

Submitted by Charlotte Hays

  • We have returned to having regular meetings.
  • We have several new members.
  • Our fundraisers are all on track.
  • The Sip & Stroll is going forward with mitigation’s in place, masks, distancing and hand sanitizer.
  • We have 3 new officers nominated to be installed in January 2022.

Grant Report

Submitted by Bill Daly

FEMA (AFG) Operations and Safety Grants

  • The County Communications Equipment grant was partially awarded. No radios were funded, but $3,000 was approved to train personnel toward Firefighter One status. This is to be distributed among all of the departments in the county.
  • The SCBA grant was approved to include $84,972 for 12 units, 24 cylinders, and 15 faceplates, plus $500 for development of a training program. The cost share from the VFD will be $4,070.

Texas A&M Forest Service

  • The Winter Storm Emergency grant payment for the replacement pump was received.

Other Grant Opportunities

  • Dan Gower has found numerous other grant opportunities to investigate. Among them are: Firehouse Subs, Anheuser Busch (emergency drinking water), National Volunteer Fire Council (membership required), MSA & DupontGlobe Gear Giveaway (five or six sets of Bunker Gear), Texas Department of Agriculture FAST Grants. Bill Daly is looking into these.

Old Business

Chief Appointment

Nominate and appoint the new Chief of the VFD.

Extrication Tools

Status report and approval of funds for the new extrication tools.

New Business

Board Officers

Possible changes to Board Officer positions required by appointment of new Chief.

FEMA Grants

Discussion of the recent FEMA grant awards, including guidance on the process and approval of matching funds.

Guiding Statements

As part of an assignment in his recent training, Dan Gower formed a working group of members to develop a set of guiding statements for our VFD, and has requested formal adoption by the board. They are:

Mission Statement:

The Sunrise Beach Volunteer Fire Department seeks to provide a safer Sunrise Beach Village. We accomplish this through trained response which:

  • Preserves life and health during medical emergencies.
  • Protects people and property during fires.
  • Supports our community during natural and man-made distress.

Vision Statement

The Sunrise Beach Volunteer Fire Department seeks to set the standard by which all other such organizations in our area are measured. We will be the leader in providing timely, competent, and well-equipped emergency services whenever and wherever we are called to duty.

Values Statement

In both our organizational practices and our response to emergencies, we will always be guided by a spirit of leadership and steadfast commitment to community service, characterized by:

  • Integrity
  • Sensitivity
  • Respect
  • Reliability
  • Competence

Status and Plans for Upcoming Events

Review requirements and precautions for the upcoming fundraisers in light of the recent surge in COVID-19 cases and the ongoing strain on medical resources. Recommendations for the Sip & Stroll are:

  • All of the exhibiting artists (regardless of vaccination status) must wear a mask/face shield during the show at both inside and outside booths.
  • All other guests and participants (regardless of vaccination status) will be required wear a mask indoors.
  • Masks will be provided for anyone who needs one and must be worn properly (nose and mouth to be covered).
  • Hand sanitizers will be provided throughout the facility.
  • We will encourage social distancing for show participants and may limit the numbers inside.
  • We will try to separate the booths as far apart as we can within the constraints of the facility.

Washer and Dryer

Bill Long requested discussion and possible action concerning procurement of a washer and dryer to be used for gear.


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