Board Meeting – 16 March 2021

To be held at Station One at 18:30 PM

Consent Items

Minutes of the Last Meeting

Held January 19, 2021

The meeting was called to order at 6:25 PM by President Don Black. Those in attendance were Don Black, Dan Gower, Brooks Frederick, Bill Long, Scott Olguin, Lou Henson and Syb Henson (representing the Auxiliary Committee).

There was no further discussion on Consent items. Passed unanimously.

Old Business

Llano High School has been notified that we would again be providing a $1,000 scholarship. Scott Olguin and Melodie Bradbury will be heading up that program.

Time was provided to discuss the lack of clarity in either our Mission Statement and/or By-laws regarding the use of public donations, especially for things like the annual scholarship. It was generally agreed that improvements should be made.

New Business

Several Board Calendar events were discussed, and the Treasurer asked that the quarterly payment of sales tax to the State of Texas should be added as a reminder.

Discussion was held concerning the topic of a nominating committee for the Board of Directors election that occurs each year in concert with the mailing of the donations letter (1st of March each year). It was moved and seconded that the Board explore better definitions of who can be a member of the Board of Directors and provide a more focused process for selection of nominees. Passed unanimously.

Discussion was held concerning a recent privately owned vehicle accident that occurred in the parking lot behind the Station One at the conclusion of an event partially caused by poor lighting in the area. Bill Long made a motion that the department repay Don Black one half of the monies paid for the damages to Lou Henson’s car. Brooks Frederick seconded the motion. Both Don and Lou recused themselves from the vote and the remaining Directors voted in favor. The funds are to be applied against the Insurance line in the budget.

Scheduling of Fund-Raising events was discussed. The Auxiliary Report includes proposed dates for their events.

Discussions were held concerning the Annual BBQ, given the uncertainty of the progress of COVID-19 vaccinations and continuation of restrictions upon large gatherings. It was moved and seconded that planning will continue for holding the BBQ on Memorial Day Weekend, with a decision point to delay/postpone that event at the March Board Meeting. Passed unanimously.

A request for additional funding by the Chief for uniform shirts and hats was discussed and the Chief as was asked to consider moving money within those budget lines under his supervision. Clarification was requested regarding what those line represent. It will be formalized in a Budget Process document.

Final issue discussed was the annual letter. A draft will be prepared, and the mailing list generated as soon as possible for distribution in March.

Motion to adjourn was made, seconded, and passed at 7:56 PM.

Treasurer’s Report

Cash Flow

For the period 1 January, 2021 through 28 February, 2021


Through 28 February, 2021

Chief’s Report

Winter Storm of 2021 hit our community hard.  We lost our water supply and electricity once the rolling blackout started. Proudly the VFD assisted the community throughout the challenge/crisis in a first- rate manner. Numerous hours were spent collecting food and water, establishing and assisting a comfort center at the community center, hand delivering boil water notices to every household on the Beach, cutting off water at homes with broken pipes and by special request, charging oxygen battery packs for oxygen concentrators, and many more un-named selfless- service. They did this while still providing coverage for First responder and Fire calls.

Calls to Date

  • Medical: 39
  • Fire: 8

Assistant Chief

  • Logged all VFD activities related to the February storm.
  • Developed risk mitigation strategies for BBQ and held first BBQ committee meeting.
  • Obtained $6,000 grant from TFS for replacement of the pump that froze during Winter Storm.


  • Candice is working with Dr. Rudolph and Patrick Cobb (Medical Director and EMS Director of Hamilton EMS, respectively) to get the FRO recertified with Texas DPS under new protocols established by Hamilton.
  • To date, several of our members have received their second Covid-19 vaccine through the Llano program and other various sources.
  • Some members have volunteered to assist the Llano vaccine program.


  • We will resume normal monthly meeting times.
  • Air evac 49 and Careflite will provide training for the March meetings.

Gear and Supplies

  • Bill Long will be handling clothing officer function. He will be pricing/purchasing First Responder Coveralls and helmet for use when responding to vehicle accidents.


  • Winter Storm caused damage to Water storage pump and valve at Station 1. Aqualine met with Miller and Daly to discuss remedy. Cost will be covered by Grant obtained by Gower.
  • Obtaining pricing for exterior lights replacement.

Auxiliary Report

Submitted by Charlotte Hays

Auxiliary Board Meeting – March 10, 2021

Those in attendance: Charlotte Hays, Laurie Anderson, Marna Glaze, Melodie Bradbury, Syb Henson, Sue Jackson

First order of business was when we might resume our monthly luncheons. Charlotte suggested May and said those attending must have both Covid vaccine shots. Since four of the board members have not had the vaccine and may choose not to take it, it was decided to wait until June and have the meeting in McNair Park. We feel more people would have been vaccinated by then with the added possibility that “herd immunity” would make being together easier. The first meeting back we would be encouraged to “invite a friend.”

Food: Because of the pandemic, the easiest way to serve food would be to provide box lunches. Melodie suggested Subway as a possible source and Charlotte said Debbie Alexander was anxious to provide our meals once again. Contact will be made with Debbie to see what price she would charge.

BBQ – The VFD is planning for the Memorial Day BBQ in hopes of it actually taking place. Syb said she had called members and had 18 volunteers who are willing to serve. For added safety, plexiglass will be placed between the servers and those picking up meals. Regarding the annual BBQ raffle, the idea of perhaps having a $500 Visa Card and selling tickets the day of the event was discussed. Charlotte will speak to the raffle committee about that and gather other suggestions. It is undecided at this time if we will sell baked goods, as the BBQ is still 2 months away and the situation may greatly improve.

Sip & Stroll – The date is set for September 4that Scott Olguin’s new place on Sunrise. Charlotte will be calling a committee meeting.

Bass Tournament – Melodie said both the tournament and Perch Jerk will be held as it has been annually, the third Saturday of October. This year that falls on October 16th. There will be no food served this year, but beer and drinks will be provided. Teens from Llano High School will help with the Perch Jerk. Robert Rose has volunteered to do the weigh-in but needs approval from his board. Melodie suggested we go ahead and purchase the weigh-in scale this year. She will get some prices for us to consider and said she sent a letter to Texas Parks and Wildlife to see if they might donate one to the VFD with the stipulation we could use it for the annual tournament. She will also ask permission to purchase from the VFD. Vendor’s will once again be allowed to set up at the park.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

Sue Jackson
Recording Secretary

Grant Report

Submitted by Bill Daly

Texas A&M Forest Service

  • A funding meeting was scheduled for March 10, 2021. No information has been posted of the funding awarded, or if it the meeting occurred. I will follow up on it.
  • Our grant application for a large brush truck now stands at #44 on the list. Stephanie with TFS estimates we are about two years out on being awarded the grant. The cost share rate on Large Brush Trucks has been increased to $220,000 from $200,000, meaning that the VFD contribution toward the potential $250,00 purchase price has been reduced to $30,000.
  • Dan Gower applied for and we have been approved for Winter Storm Disaster Emergency Grant to repair the pump and plumbing on the water storage tank system damaged in the event. The cost will come in under the $6,000 limit of the grant. No matching funds are needed.

Status of TFS application for PPA and FEMA applications for radios and SCBA remain unchanged from previous reports.

Old Business

  • Status and scheduling of the Memorial Day BBQ.

New Business

  • Board Calendar
  • Guidelines and scheduling for upcoming events
  • New member vote: Trudy Woolverton
  • New member vote: Chrystal Sanders


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